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All that it took to create these apps

When I first heard the introduction of the App Store and the Apple iPhone SDK I got all excited on how easy it seemed to be able to create applications for the iPhone. Soon after the presentation was over, I quickly applied to the SDK developer program thinking that I would be able to pick up fast given all the tutorials that they posted online. . . Boy was I wrong. 

One of the first obstacles to overcome was to accept that in order to develop for the iPhone, one can't use a PC, but instead a Mac. Well, I always wanted to switch so what better excuse now: iMac $1,600.

I studied and tried to follow the videos and examples online once I got my machine. I started playing with Xcode, iPhone Simulator but nothing really was too clearer or straight forward. Definitely programing was way over my head. The sad part is that it almost took me about 6 months to realize that. Even though I invested in a iPhone Programming Guide - $32.00 when one became available, I was starting to think that I hiring a developer was a must. . . 

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