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All that it took to create these apps

Well I could not just hire a developer without having any material to give him/her other than my sketch concept idea. So we had to start creating movies and unfortunately the output material from our little canon point and shoot camera was not going to cut it. It was time that we invested was a good decent video camera: Canon Vixia HG20 $799.00 as well as a microphone: DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone: $220.00 

At that point, I was also looking around town to rent a studio where we could shoot our videos. But after discussing the terms with several owners (range of $25 to $40 per hour) I decided that I could easily transform my living room into a pseudo dance studio if I were to move the furniture into the garage and keep the space open. That saved us quiet a little bit of money. 

Once we got a few shots together from our living room, I started the tedious "Developer Dating" process. After posting some ads, we had several responses that presented several solutions and perspectives and ofcourse several budget quotes that oddly enough were within range of each other. After signing a good number of NDA's, and talking (an annoying) a lot of people with questions and details, we decided to go with Semaphore Mobile with the quote for development of $7,000 for all three apps. . .

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