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All that it took to create these apps

All these monies came our own pocket. This of course doesn't include indirect costs involved in our time shooting the videos, the electric bill to keep the house cool while shooting during the day in Spring and Summer, buying clothes to look good in camera, the time involved editing and cutting the videos, the time involved in writing all the text descriptions for each move. Acquiring website space and joining the google adwords program to have at least some form of basic marketing ($100/mo) for the apps. 

In a nutshell, over $10,000 was invested to bring to life a few basic applications that can hopefully help someone learn to dance. We decided to invest these monies because we believe in our idea and hopefully our investment will grow to let us create even more apps and improve on our current ones. We are not millionaires or large business owners. Every little cent that we gained from teaching lessons at our house was put towards the development of these applications. This is the best we could do. I hope you find merit in our actions and you are able to help us with a contribution.

Thank you for your support!

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